MS Excel Chapter 7: Links


A link to SUNY Fredonia that does not stand out from the regular text.

This link blends into the text around it. A person using a screen reader or someone with low vision may have a hard time finding the link.

A link to SUNY Fredonia that is blue and underlined to stand out from the text.

This link is colored blue and stands out from the normal text. Now readers will have an easier time finding the links.

This link has a very low contrast ratio, so it is very hard to see.

Lets say you have an Index Page and you want to link the January cell to the January spreadsheet.

  1. Click the January cell. Right click it and click insert Hyperlink

  2. In the Insert Hyperlink box, click Link to Place in this Document. In text to display, type in January. In type the cell reference, type A1 or which ever cell you want the link to go to. Then in “Select a place” click January.

The link has been formed and now you can click it and the link will take you to the designated sheet.