MS Excel Chapter 11: Visual Basic (VBA) code


Section 11.1: Rules for using Visual Basic (VBA) code

  • Triggering New Content

    • In scripted Excel applications, if any new content appears do any of the following:

      • Use scripting to move the focus to the new content.

      • Ensure the new content appears below the users current focus. This will make the new content easy to find.

      • Move the focus to an alert or announcement. This will explain that new content is available, and even how to access it.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts (Hot Keys)

    • In cases where navigation through a scripted Excel application might be difficult, ensure keyboard shortcuts (hot keys) are provided. Also be sure that they are located at or near the top of the first worksheet. They have to be seen first.

  • Change of Context

    • Be sure that focus events do not change the context. (switch to another worksheet, submit data, show/hide information, etc.) When a user submits data in a scripted Excel application, if the action causes a change in context, ensure the user is informed or warned that this will happen.

  • Consistent Navigation

    • Be sure the way to navigate on one page is the same for all pages. (Links are in the same order, navigation is in the same position, etc)

  • Consistent Terminology

    • Be sure that every page is functional in the same way.

  • Invalid Data Error Alerts

    • If a user submits invalid data in a scripted Excel application, be sure the user is given feedback explaining the errors.

  • Invalid Data Help in Fixing

    • If a user submits invalid data, be sure the user is given feedback explaining how to fix the problem.