MS Word Chapter 7: Tracking and Reviewing Changes



Chapter 7.1: Tracking and Reviewing Changes

Tracking changes in Word is the act of keeping track of any change that is made in a document. One example could be inserting or deleting text, or changing font color. This is used frequently when lots of people are editing a document at the same time. A user would then have to accept or reject the changes.

To find this feature, go to the Review Tab, go to the Tracking and Changes Panels.

Review Tab in Microsoft Excel.
The Tracking and Changes Panel in Microsoft Word.

Keep in mind: People with screen readers will benefit from having a copy of the original document. The reason why is that the user would hear a lot of alerts saying “inserted” or “deleted” among the content. This can be very annoying and time consuming.

Both tracking and reviewing changes in Word are accessible.

This short story was shared without any notice saying that this is an editing document. There is also no way of knowing where the mistakes are or where the changes were made.

This short story shows the changes made or erased. It also shows that this is an edited document.