MS PowerPoint Chapter 10: Embedded Files


Section 10.1: Embedded Files

PowerPoint allows you to embed files within your project. You can do this in two ways. One is as a link, the other is a embedded file. Keep in mind that if you do embed a file, you need to send both files to the reader. Otherwise the connection between the two files would be cut and the info for the user would be lost. To embed a file,

  1. In a blank Word Document, go to the Insert Tab. In the Text section, click Object.

    Insert Tab in Microsoft PowerPoint, with an orange underline.
    Object Button in PowerPoint with a half of a blue box inside a white box.
  2. In the Object Box, go to the Create from File Tab. Click browse and find the file you want to attach. Click Display as Icon. Click OK.

  3. Your embedded file appears in Microsoft PowerPoint. Always include Alt Text for your table.