MS Word Chapter 8: Accessibility Checker


Section 8.1: Using MS Word’s Accessibility Checker

Now that your document is complete, you have reached the final step. When you have a document that you think is finished, it must be tested with an accessibility checker. Microsoft has one built into its software. To use the accessibility checker,

  1. Click the Review Tab.

    The review tab in Microsoft Word
  2. Click the Check Accessibility button.

    Check for Issues Button in Microsoft Excel.
  3. The Accessibility Menu will pop up on the right side of the screen. The menu will show all the errors it can detect. There will also be warnings shown as well as tips for how to fix the issue.

Accessibility Errors found. Fix those errors.

No Accessibility Errors found.

Keep in mind that while accessibility checkers are very helpful, they should not be depended on to ensure accessibility. The best way to see if a project is fully accessible is by testing it with a screen reader. Accessibility checkers should be used as a first step.