Security Responsibility and Confidentiality Agreement


Document TitleSecurity Responsibility and Confidentiality Agreement
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June 2, 2004

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June 2, 2004

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The information contained in the various databases and print files used by SUNY at Fredonia is confidential in nature and is only to be used in connection with University, SUNY, and State business following the SUNY Fredonia Information Security Program and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) regulations.  Access to the data is granted to selected offices with the understanding that the information and any reports generated from the system will be accessible only to appropriate personnel for legitimate business purposes.

As an employee of the State University of New York at Fredonia, I recognize that I may have access to or be required to handle certain information that is confidential, private, and proprietary for the performance of my duties.

I am aware that:

  • Data should be accessed and made available only to authorized persons for College business by authorized departmental personnel following approved departmental procedures;  

  • Assigned functional capabilities (user codes, access to equipment, data or restricted areas) are to be used ONLY to perform my assigned duties;

  • Any breach of confidentiality or abuse of my position will result in dismissal from my job and possible judicial action.

I agree to follow departmental policies and procedures with respect to confidentiality of records, equipment, user codes and general practices as outlined by my employer,  and recognize that failure to do so will be grounds for disciplinary action by SUNY at Fredonia Judicial Office for violations to the Student Code of Conduct.

I have discussed this policy with my immediate supervisor.

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This signed form should be forwarded to Payroll Services, Maytum Hall, with a copy retained in the employee’s hiring department personnel file.


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