Quick Start Digital Tools for Students

Welcome to Fredonia! 

This resource is meant to provide a quick orientation for students to Fredonia's critical digital tools that are necessary for online success at the University. These resources represent the building blocks of your digital identities (e.g. Fredonia ID and eServices account), critical tools for remote learning, and the different ways to get assistance if you run into any issues. 

Where to get assistance and when:

ITS Service Center

Thompson Hall W203
ITS Website

Hours of Operation (Semester):
Monday - Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday 12am - 5pm

Hours of Operation (Breaks):
Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

Reed Library

The Office of Online Learning

137 Reed Library
Email the Office of Online Learning


  • Get the assistance you need when you don't know who to ask. 

  • Login to Starfish Early Alert

    • Click on the "Raise Your Hand" navigation item in the menu in the top left corner. 

    • Select one of the topics and be sure to add detailed comments about your request so the appropriate person has the information they need to best assist you.

  • Fredonia Starfish Early Alert

How to Report a Security Incident:

  • You are the most important line of defense for the University for cybersecurity attacks and data breaches.

  • Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. 

  • Cybersecurity incidents should be reported to the ITS Service Center (673-3407) while physical security incidents should be reported to the University Police Department (673-3333).

"my.fred" is your customizable homepage for Fredonia's most-used services & information, which allows you to customize a list of Fredonia links. You will find links to email, FREDLearn, Your Connection, Reed Library, course catalog, events calendar, Peoplefinder, campus-wide announcements, and more right at your fingertips on your personal device.

WEB: How to use my.fred

Your Connection

Your Connection is one of the tools that students of Fredonia use the most. This resource is used to access the most important information for each student and the classes that they will take.

What do I use YourConnection for?


fredPASS (Fredonia Password Administration Self Service) is a self-service portal that allows Fredonia eServices account users to manage their account recovery options, security questions, PASS account activity notifications, and reset/change their eServices password as needed. Setup your fredPASS account up ASAP!


Your eServices username and password is used to log into the campus internet, Fredonia email, FREDLearn, campus computers and the U: drive personal storage.

Student eServices username generally consists of up to 4 letters of your last name followed by the last 4 numbers of your F#.

How do I get access to my eServices?


FREDLearn is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides access to course materials, assignment submission, quizzes, and grades. Login to FREDLearn using your eServices username and password. In the "Courses" block click on the current semester and then use the links to access each course.

Student FREDLearn Support

Access FREDLearn

Virtual Meeting Spaces (Zoom)

Zoom is the Fredonia standard for video conferencing and virtual meetings. 

Google Tools, including Email (Google Workplace)

Google Workplace includes tools such as Gmail (FredMail), Calendar, Docs, and Groups.

How can I share a Google document with my professor?

Learn more

Access your FredMail

Chromebook Loaner Program

If you need to borrow a Chromebook for the semester, you can do so by following the instructions.

Wireless Access

How can I connect to the wireless internet connection on the Fredonia campus? 

Eduroam Setup for Wireless Connection

FREDmedia Setup for Gaming and Multimedia Systems and Devices

Is there a way for me to get wireless internet when I am not in Fredonia? 

Fredonia is participating in eduroam which is available at more than 12,000 locations worldwide, including more than 530 colleges, universities, and research facilities in the United States.

Eduroam wireless (WiFi)

Data Storage Options

Where can I store my data?

In accordance with Fredonia’s Data Risk Classification Policy, the chart that can be used for the campus community to determine what kind of University data can be saved where can be found at: Data Risk Classification Policy

Software for Personal Computers

What software is available for me to use on my personal computer?

Software List

Virtual Labs

Fredonia's Remote Lab is a "virtual" computer lab that allows students the ability to remotely access a lab computer from their home, dorm room or anywhere with a stable broadband internet connection exists. 

Connect to Fredonia's Virtual Windows 10 Computing Lab

Printing Information

Fredonia provides a printing quota for students each semester: Printing Quotas

Wireless Printing Instructions

Phishing Awareness

Don't Get Hooked! Become familiar with quickly recognizing phishing emails: Phishing Awareness

Citation Tools

Reed Library recommends and supports the following citation managers:

Research Tools

For help getting started with research: Reed Library Database


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