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Each student begins the semester with a $20 balance in their print quota. The total number of printed pages this will supply depends on what type of printing (black and white, color, single sided, double sided) is done. You will be able to view your available balance from any computer lab on campus. If you need to print more pages than your initial allocation will allow, you may purchase additional non-refundable credits in $3 increments at the following three locations:

Office of Student Accounts, 306 Maytum Hall, M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., cash, check, or credit card

Reed Library Circulation Desk, Fredonia Debit Account and FREDFunds only

ITS Service Center, W203 Thompson Hall [its service center hours], Fredonia Debit Account and FREDFunds only

Check your print quota now (link will only work on campus network)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I deposit funds on FREDFunds?
Additional deposits may be made during normal business hours at the FSA office, 1st floor Gregory Hall or online at

How did Fredonia select a $20 per semester initial balance?
The pilot project statistics showed that 90% of the users printed less than 600 pages. The $20.00 allocation allows for printing 600 single-print pages at $.03 per page, meeting the need for 90% of the student population.

How much does each page cost?

Single-print black and white page - $.03
Duplex print black and white page - $.04
Color print single page - $.10
Color print duplex page - $.16
Poster printing - $.50 per sq ft

I have noticed that not all labs have color printers. Where can I print in color?
Reed Library and the Thompson Hall ITS Service Center have color printers.

Is there a maximum for print jobs?
Print jobs are limited to a maximum of 50 pages per job. This is to eliminate the problem of very large print jobs delaying the printing of jobs for other students, as well as to reduce the potential for wasteful printing.

What if I absolutely need to print something that is more than 50 pages?
Split your print job into two or more jobs. You can easily do this by:

  1. Choosing Print from the File menu in the program you are using.
  2. In the Page range section of the print dialogue box click on Pages: and input the range of page numbers (1-50 or 51-100, etc).
  3. You can also use this dialogue box to check that you are sending one copy of your document to the printer.

How do I increase my quota?

You may purchase additional pages in $3 increments at the following locations:

Office of Student Accounts, 306 Maytum Hall, M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., cash, check, or credit card

Reed Library Circulation Desk, Fredonia Debit Account and FREDFunds only

ITS Service Center [its service center hours], W203 Thompson Hall, Fredonia Debit Account and FREDFunds only

At the time of payment you will receive a "PrintQuota TopUp Card" with the value of the card, a code, and a web address. Access the web address and then enter the code from the card to increase your quota accordingly.

How can I reduce my printing costs?

  • The G22 McEwen, Reed Library, ITS Service Center W203 Thompson, and Science Center 121 printers are set up to print double-sided. This is the most cost effective way to print material.
  • If you need to print PowerPoint slides, consider printing them 3 or 6 slides to a page.
  • Don't print draft copies of your document for every minor revision.
  • Check print preview to find out how many pages will be printed before sending your print job to the printer.
  • Only print the pages you need.
  • Print only the changed pages of a revised file, not the whole thing.
  • If your print job does not print don't re-send it without first checking the print queue from your PC. There may be many other jobs ahead of yours or the printer may have run out of paper. If you keep re-sending your document to the printer multiple copies will be printed later and deducted from your Printing balance. You can delete your own print jobs from the queue to prevent this from happening.
  • If you cannot wait for your print job to appear, make sure you delete it from the print queue before you log off. This will prevent the job being printed and deducted from your print quota balance after you leave.
  • When you leave a computer system, make sure you remember to log out. If you leave yourself logged in, someone else may be able to use your printing quota.

Does my account balance roll over to the next semester?
No. Account balances, including additions made using TopUp Cards, are reset to their initial value before the start of the new semester.

What are the initial quota values set to?
For Fall and Spring semesters the initial quota is $20.00.
For JTerm the initial quota is $6.50.
For Summer Sessions I and II (Combined), the initial quota is $20.00.

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