How to Install a Chrome Extension

Please follow these steps to install Chrome extensions in your Chrome browser to use with your Fredonia account.

Step 1: Sign out of your Fredonia Google Account by clicking on the picture/icon in the top left corner of the browser and selecting “Sign out”

Google Account panel with the icon and sign out button highlighted with red boxes. The email address has been redacted at highlighted black

Step 2: Click on the extensions tab in the top right corner of Google Chrome. (the icon that looks like a puzzle piece.

Google Extensions panel with Zoom Scheduler active

Step 3: Once there click on “Manage Extensions” at the bottom of the dropdown. 

Step 4: On the top left of the “Manage Extensions” page, click the three bars next to “Extensions”.

Google Extensions showing the various types of extensions Google offers

Step 5: At the bottom of that dropdown there is an option to “Open the Chrome Web Store”.

Step 6: You should be brought to the Chrome Web Store where you can add extensions to Chrome. If you are still logged into your Fredonia google account, you will not be able to add extensions. You would instead be brought to a page that says “We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service. Please contact your Organization Administrator for access.” If you are brought to this page that means you need to log out of your Fredonia account, then follow steps 2-6 again.

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