Wireless Printing

How can I print from my laptop?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Paper Cut 
  2. At the login screen, enter your e-services Username and Password
    log on screen
  3. At the Print Accounting screen, click on Web Print at the left of the page.
    print accounting screen
  4. From the Web Print page, click on Submit a Job at the left of the page.
    submit a job button
  5. At the next Web Print page, select a printer to print to, then click on Print Options and Account Selection.
    print selection page
    print options and account selection button
  6. At the next screen, choose how many copies you would like to print. (There is a 49 page limit per any print job.) Then, click on Upload Document
    number of copy selection boxupload documents button

  7. At the next screen, click on Upload from Computer to select the PDF document you wish to print, then click on Upload & Complete.
    upload files window
    upload and complete button
  8. You will then see a status page about your print job.
  9. Logout when you are finished.

Converting your document to a PDF for wireless printing

If using an application from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), go to File, Save as, Other locations, This PC, enter the name for the document and then below that change the document type using the dropdown menu. Then hit save.

file button

blue save as button

this pc button

enter file name here

save as pdf in the dropdown list highlighted in blue

If using Pages on a Mac,

File → Export → PDF or

File → Print → PDF

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