Williams Center Multipurpose Room (MPR)

The MPR technology station with a computer, and Extron switchers and equipment.A large projector screen in the Williams Center Multi Purpose Room
Overhead view of the back of the MPR with tables and chairs set up.
Overhead view of the front of the MPR with tables and chairs set up.

Room Details and Hardware

In this room:

  • Movable tables and chairs
  • Extron controlled wall box with touch panel
  • HDMI and VGA connectivity
  • Computer, keyboard and mouse on the podium
  • Projector and projector screen
  • Microphone attached to podium, two (2) wireless handheld, and two (2) Lavalier microphones
    • Podium microphone must be connected to audio amplifier. Please inform Campus Life of this.
    • Input for nine (9) additional wired microphones
  • Webcams are available by request from Campus Life

Using the Extron Touch Panel

Please contact Campus Life with any issues related to this room.

Fredonia Extron Start Menu

On the Extron touch panel, there are two (2) room modes; Audio only and Audio and Video.

Fredonia Extron mode room options. Audio and Video or Audio Only

Audio only enables all microphones in the room to be broadcast throughout the room(s) speakers.

For Audio Only mode:

  1. Select the "Audio Only Mode" button.
    All the microphones in the room will be activated. Wireless microphones will need to be turned on to be used.
    All room speakers will be utilized.
  2. To adjust or mute audio levels for each microphone and speaker volume, see below:
    Extron Audio Level Controls. Options allow control over wireless mic volume, AUX in or out, and Rack Plate Mics

    Wireless mic volume controls

    Mic Plate Mics 1-5 volume controls
  3. To shut down Audio Only mode, simply select the red "X" in the upper right. All microphones and speakers will be muted.

For Audio and Video mode:

  1. Select the Start button located below the Fredonia logo and "Audio and Video" on the mode select screen.
  2. Make sure to lower the projector and projector screen in "Audio and Video" mode.
  3. Audio and Video mode enables the microphones and projector in the room(s).
    The system may take about 30 seconds to start up.
    Please lower the screen and the projector lift. Please wait while the system starts up
  4. Select any of the five (5) inputs: PC, HDMI, VGA, Blu-ray Player, Cable TV Tuner, AM/FM Tuner (Radio). Select any input at the top.
    Extron Input Menu and control panel
    Audio Controls to mute or adjust the volume of any microphone or speakers.
    Corridor Speakers refer to the speakers in each hallway of the Williams Center. DO NOT turn these speakers on unless absolutely needed.
  5. Make sure to log in to the computer when selecting "PC".
  6. To shut down the Extron system, select "Power Down" in the lower right corner and select "Power Down" again.
    Extron Power Down or Cancel button
    The system may take about 30 seconds to shut down completely.
  7. Make sure to raise the projector and projector screen when the projector is done cooling down and when the screen below is gone.
    Extron Powering Down meter


Windows Computer

Windows 10
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Office 2019
Microsoft Silverlight
Mozilla Firefox
VLC Media Player