Adding Multiple Sign-in Methods to Microsoft MFA

It is very highly encouraged to add multiple sign in methods to Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication. This way, if you are not able to use one of your sign in methods, such as the Microsoft Authenticator App, you will still be able to sign in using any other method you have added.

If you have not already setup your SUNY Fredonia account to use Microsoft MFA, follow these Step-by-Step Microsoft MFA Instructions to setup your account, then revisit this page to add more devices.

How to Add Sign in Methods

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft’s My Sign-Ins.

    1. You may be prompted to sign in to your SUNY Fredonia account.

  2. On the left sidebar, select Security Info.

Sidebar with red arrow pointing to security info
  1. Click on Add Sign-in method.

Method page with red circle around Add sign-in method
  1. Click on the Choose a Method dropdown, and select the device you would like to add.

Choose a method dropdown menu

There are multiple different choices here. Select the one you would like to setup:

Authenticator App

Even if you have the Microsoft Authenticator App set up on one device, you are able to use the app on another device. This way, you are able to sign in using the Microsoft Authenticator App on either device.

  1. Select Authenticator App, then select Add.

  2. Follow the Step-by-Step MFA Setup Instructions, starting at step 2.


Adding your phone number will allow you to sign in to your Fredonia account without needing to use the Microsoft Authenticator app. When using your phone for MFA, you will receive a call in order to sign in.

  1. Select Phone, then select Add.

  2. Type in your phone number, including the area code, where it says Enter Phone Number, then select Next.

Enter Phone Number prompt
  1. You will receive a call on the phone that you have entered. Follow the instructions given to you. Once you have completed the instructions, your phone will be added.

Alternate Phone

Once you have entered a phone, you can register other phones using this option. Select Alternate Phone and then follow the instructions given above for adding a phone.

Security Key

SUNY Fredonia is not currently supporting personal security keys for Microsoft MFA. Please select another option.

Office Phone

Along with a smartphone, office phones can be use for Microsoft MFA.

  1. Select Office Phone, then select Add.

  2. Enter the office phone number, and the extension, then select Next.

Phone number and extension prompts
  1. You will receive a call. Follow the instructions given to you. Once you have completed the instructions, the office phone will be added.