Emeritus eServices FAQ

How do I apply for Emeritus Status?

Go here: Application for Emeritus Privileges

What privileges are automatically granted with Emeritus status?

Access to the following privileges is automatically granted with Emeritus status, to the extent that such privileges are extended to faculty and staff who are current employees:

    • Campus Network Access 
    • Ability to join the NEWS mailing list
    • Maintain a current FredCard
    • Access to library computers, library databases, and interlibrary loan
    • Use of the Fredonia Blue Devil Fitness Center
    • Ability to purchase an on-campus parking pass 
    • Continued access and use of @fredonia.edu email address
    • Access to their employee network storage: U-Drive

Who should I contact regarding questions about this application?

Please contact the President’s Office at (716) 673-3456 or the appropriate office regarding such privileges. 

Can I request other privileges not listed on this application? 

Some privileges not ordinarily granted to Emeriti may be granted by the President, based on the individual's needs and continuing relationship with Fredonia. Those privileges are described and may be requested in the application form.

When am I eligible to complete this application?

Employees that intend to retire and wish to complete this application need to have an official retirement date (e.g. effective date of separation from service) on record with the Human Resources department. Please contact the Human Resources Office at (716) 673-3434 if you need any assistance with your official retirement date. 

How is my Emeritus status going to impact my eServices account?

  • Emeritus will need to continue to protect their eServices account with Multi-factor Authentication. For assistance, please contact the ITS Service Center at (716) 673-3407 or its.servicecenter@fredonia.edu.
  • Emeritus will need to remove any University regulated data from their email, Google Drive, and U-Drive that they no longer have a business need to access.
IMPORTANT: It is critical that Emeritus do not maintain access to University Category II or III data after they no longer have a business need for it. DO NOT forward messages or download content that contains Category II or III data to personal email or storage locations (e.g. cloud storage services, USB drives, etc.). Please review the Data Risk Classification Policy for examples of University Category II or III data. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the suspension of your Emeritus privileges and would constitute unauthorized access to University-owned regulated data.

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