Know Your Fredonia ID - FAQ

What is your Fredonia ID? 

To maintain the privacy of Social Security numbers, the State University of New York at Fredonia (“Fredonia”) creates a unique 9-digit identifier called the Fredonia ID (FID) for each student and employee. Your FID serves as the key to your student and/or employee record, and should be kept confidential. The FID begins with a capital “F” and is followed by 8 random numbers (e.g. F01234567).

Why should you know your Fredonia ID?

The FID remains with you as an official identifier throughout your connection to the University, even if your affiliation changes (for example, from student to alumni) or if you have multiple affiliations at one time (for example, alumni and employee). Your FID provides you access to activities, services, and serves as your official University person number for all records. 

How are you issued your Fredonia ID?

The Office of Admissions issues FID(s) to undergraduate students (normally included in admission letters sent via postal mail); Information Technology Services issues FID(s) to employees within Your Connection upon appointment to the University. Visitors and guests receive a Visitor ID from their respective campus sponsor(s). 

NOTE: At Fredonia, student and employee FID(s) are classified as Category II - Private Data. Student FIDs also are protected as student education records under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For more information, see Data Risk Classification Policy.

How do you quickly find your Fredonia ID?