How to test web site accessibility using WebAIM WAVE tool for Non-Drupal websites

Step-by-step guide to testing your site in the WebAIM WAVE

  1. Visit WebAIM WAVE
  2. Copy and paste the URL for your web page address field in WAVE and press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.
    WAVE tool
  3. WAVE produces a report of web accessibility problems (shown in red and yellow and black) and features (shown in green, blue, purple):
    Example WAVE Report
  4. On the upper left side of the WAVE report, click the flag icon, flag icon (second icon from the top left) to view all the details in the WAVE report.

  5. Choose "WCAG 2.0 AA" in the Filter pop-up menu (shown under, "Details":

  6. Review the alerts and errors in the Details portion of the report.
  7. Click the Contrast tab to check for any contrast errors. A contrast error is marked when the relative contrast between the foreground text and its background color is less than 60%. 

    Contrast Errors

  8. To learn how to fix common accessibility issues, visit: How to fix common web accessibility issues in Drupal