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Terry Tzitzis, Director of University Services

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April 5, 2019

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April 5, 2019

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TO:                Campus Community

FROM:          Terry Tzitzis, Director of University Services

                      Shari Miller, Director of Purchasing

DATE:            April 5, 2019

RE:     University Authorized Signers

To conduct the University's functions of teaching, research, and service, it is sometimes necessary to enter into legally binding agreements (“contracts”) with other entities. The University will only be bound by written contracts to which the University or a sub-unit is formally a party, that have been reviewed and approved in accordance with SUNY 7553 Purchasing and Contracting, SUNY 7558 Procurement Card Policy and Guidelines, and Public Officers Law §74, and that have been executed by University officials who have specific contract signature authority.  Those authorized to sign such contracts and agreements are the:

  • President of the University

  • Vice President for Finance and Administration

  • Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration

  • Director of University Services

  • Director of Purchasing

  • Director of Facilities Services

  • Director of Facilities Planning

  • Director of Environmental Health & Safety & Sustainability

No officer or member of the University community has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University, or any program, department or division of the University, in the absence of a formal written delegation of authority. This applies to all members of the University community.

Any contract or agreement that originates in a department must first have the approval of the area supervisor/department chair for accuracy and budget availability before being submitted to University Services or Purchasing for review and authorized University signature.

Any other University employee who signs a contract or agreement may be held personally responsible for its performance (payment, liability, etc.).  Any contract executed by an employee without express prior authorization is not valid or binding at The State University of New York at Fredonia. Employees place themselves at potentially great financial risk by entering into such agreements, written or oral, on behalf of the University without express prior written authorization.

Please direct any questions to Terry Tzitzis in University Services at ext. 3257, or Shari Miller in Purchasing at ext. 3438.


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