Mason 2140

Accessible teachers computer station with an Extron switcher rack, and controller.
Front of the classroom with a large white board and projector screen.


  1. Bring your own device space

  2. Turn on projector using the NEC remote or by pressing the power button on the projector mounted in the ceiling

  3. Flip the switch (so that it is orange) next to the black rack to turn on the equipment in the rack

  4. Plug the VGA cable and audio cable coming from the black rack into your laptop

  5. Turn off the projector using the NEC remote by pressing off and then off again to confirm your selection

    • To use the Doc Cam:

      • Turn on the Doc Cam with the power switch in the top right-hand corner of the unit

      • Select Elmo on the Extron MPS in rack

    • To use CD player:

      • Turn on CD player and insert disc.

      • Use buttons on player to control audio playback