How to Submit a Request in Tracker


Tracker requests can be submitted in two different ways. They can be submitted via email or by logging into the online portal.

Option 1: Submit an Email

  1. Login to your Fredonia email address.
  2. Insert into the "To:" field.
  3. Fill in the Subject, Body, and add any attachments.
  4. Send your email.
  5. You will soon receive a confirmation email saying that your email has created a Tracker request ticket.
  6. Further updates to the request will be supplied through email.

Option 2: Login to the Tracker Help Center

  1. Visit 

    Fredonia Tracker.

  2. Here you can search for relevant information or click "Get IT help" to bring up our form.
  3. Here you can fill out the Summary, Description, and add attachments as needed.
  4. Click Create and you will create a Tracker request ticket.
  5. To see all of your past requests, click "requests" then "my requests". 

Note: If you have submitted an email and signed into the portal, you may have two separate accounts. This can create some issues when looking through all of your requests.