Answers and Tracker Tips

For agents of Tracker and editors of Answers, Fredonia switched from a server-based version of Atlassian products. These include Confluence (Answers) and Jira Service Management (Tracker) which are now cloud-based versions of each.

Below are some tips for using the new cloud versions of Tracker and Answers more efficiently.

Tiny Links to Answers pages are a good way to share content with other users. A shortened URL can be viewed for any page by accessing the page and clicking "..." in the upper right hand corner. Then click on Advanced Details, and then click on Page Information. The page that appears will have the Tiny Link that can be used.

This is a screenshot of the page information for a knowledge base article that shows information including the Tiny Link for a shortened URL.

As an editor of Answers, you can also copy the link of an article by going to the “Share” button. This can be found in the upper right and clicking “Copy Link” in the bottom left of the window.

This is a screenshot of the share menu with a message saying link copied to clipboard.


Tracker - How does an agent login to the customer portal?

After logging in as an agent, in your project, under Channels & People, click on Channels, select the Help Center, and click on Open. Then, in the upper right hand corner of the customer portal, you can click on Requests to view your requests. 

Tracker - What can I do if a customer says they do not have permission to view a ticket in the customer portal?

If a customer cannot see tickets through the customer portal, agents will need to change the Reporter or Participant field in Tracker. Change the email alias to the email format. 

For example, for T. John McCune, if an alias such as is used as the Reporter, he will NOT be able to see tickets.


For T. John McCune to view a ticket through the customer portal, as you start typing his name, you will see different email addresses appearing. Select the one that shows his preferred name and last name, and that has the email address listed in the format.