Which collaboration platform should I use?

Are you…

...Teaching class?

…Recording a lesson?

…Needing breakout rooms for smaller groups/discussions?


Are you…

...Meeting one-on-one or with a small (3-4) group?

...Just meeting to talk?

...Aren’t recording or sharing your screen?


Google Meet

Are you…

...Teaching a lesson that doesn’t require discussion?

...Recording how-to’s or instructional videos?

...Needing unlimited recording time?

...Recording a class to use as a resource later on?

Are you…

...Teaching a large class that requires audience participation?

...Needing more technical control over a meeting?

...Giving a presentation to a large group?


Collaboration Platforms

Information Technology Services licenses and provides support for these collaboration platforms for use in academics, meetings, and events: Google Meet, Panopto, Zoom.

NOTE: We recommend using these platforms on a desktop computer with a wired internet connection for the best results.

You may use these platforms on other devices (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) on Wi-Fi, however internet speed and reliability will vary.

PlatformFeaturesCaptioning Features

Estimated Upload Times for a 50 minute Class
(Depending on Internet Connection)

Google Meet
  • Video conferencing tool for live sessions during classes
    which allows students to record and share content as well
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Gmail
Live captioning30 - 35 minutes
  • Recording platform for capturing audio and video
    including PowerPoints, and screen capture
  • Recordings are kept locally and on the Panopto site
  • Manual upload of content to the Panopto site
  • Unlimited cloud storage

Audio transcripts

Editable captioning

Upload caption files

25 - 35 minutes
  • Video conferencing tool for live sessions of classes
  • Whiteboard
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Polls
  • Integration with OnCourse and Google Calendar
  • Integration with Panopto for uploading content
  • Limited cloud recording

Audio transcripts

Editable captioning

Live captioning

Closed captioning by a participant

30 - 35 minutes
(at least 35 - 40 minutes using Panopto Integration)