Using Zoom Meetings For Events

How do I set up my Zoom Meeting for a webinar style event?

Step-by-step guide

  1. You may wish to set up registration when you create your Meeting -
  2. If you plan to have polling during your event you should set those up before the event starts -
  3. If you wish to live stream your event you can do so through Panopto - Setting Up Live-Streaming To Panopto In Zoom
  4. When the Meeting is running you may wish to set your Security so participants cannot share their screen or unmute themselves. 
  5. In the Participants panel you can make sure Mute Participants upon Entry is enabled. 
  6. When screen sharing make sure that others are not able to annotate the screen
  7. It is advisable to have someone other than the presenter available to monitor the chat, manage the waiting room, and manage audio/video of participants. 

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