Setting Up Live-Streaming To Panopto In Zoom

How do I live-stream my Zoom Meeting to Panopto?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Sign in to Panopto
  2. Click Create → Webcast
    Create drop down menu with Webcast highlighted.
  3. Give your session a name and click Create
    Screenshot showing where you can give your session a name
  4. Go to Manage and switch to RTMP Source (leave this tab open, you will need this information in Step 8)
    Manage Session open with RTMP selected.
  5. Sign in to Zoom
  6. In your meeting settings scroll down to the bottom and click Live Streaming
  7. Click "configure live stream settings"
    screenshot showing how to configure live streaming in zoom
  8. In the Add Live Stream Service window enter the Stream URL and Stream key from Step 4 above. 
    Add Live Stream Service with a url for Fredonia Panopto.
  9. To get the Live streaming page URL, in your Panopto tab from Step 4 switch from Manage to Share. Make sure your permissions are set to Public on the web. The Link from Panopto is the Live streaming page URL in Zoom
    Livestream from Zoom Link section. Public on the web option.
  10. Once your Zoom Meeting is in progress click More and select Live on Custom Live Streaming Service
    Zoom Meeting interface with Live on Custom Live Streaming Services highlighted in blue.
  11. Your Live Stream should start shortly
    Zoom Live Streaming loading bar.
  12. When you are done make sure to Stop Live Streaming before you End Meeting