Using an ELMO Document Camera With Panopto

How to capture the image from a Doc Cam using Panopto

(Note: Do not switch to Doc Cam on the Touch panel or Black Box Switcher. The computer must be the selected source).

  1. Power up the Doc Cam by pressing the power button (if it is not already on).
  2. Open Image Mate Software:
    If it is not on the main desktop screen, go to the Start Button>All Programs>ELMO>ImageMate>ImageMate
  3. Confirm that the Doc Cam is showing an image in the dialog box on the monitor.
  4. Open the Panopto program.
  5. Sign into Panopto with your Fredonia eServices username and password.
  6. Make sure that "Capture Main Screen" is checked.
  7. Start your Panopto recording.
  8. Minimize the Panopto window and the image from the Doc Cam will be visible.
  9. Switch the Image Mate window to full screen.
  10. When ending your presentation, close Image Mate.
  11. Maximize the Panopto window and:
    A. If you will continue recording from a source other than Main Screen, uncheck the "Capture Main Screen" box.
    B. If no further recording is required, stop the recording.
  12. If the Doc Cam will no longer be used, please be sure to turn it off by pressing and holding the power button until the unit powers down.