Panopto Content Management for Students

NOTE: You DO NOT need to install the Panopto app to submit or share content. Video or audio recordings created from other programs or devices can be uploaded to the Panopto site.

In Panopto, students can create and share their content with instructors within a shared folder.

How to access a folder the instructor created:

  1. Log in to the Fredonia Panopto site:

Panopto sign in page.

2. Copy and paste the link provided by your instructor.

3. The folder shared by your instructor will either be empty or full of content.

    If you cannot see content within a course folder, make sure you have permission to view content in that folder. Also be sure that certain content is not private.

How to create and edit video in Panopto to be turned in to the instructor:

  1. Content can be created using the Panopto app on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. You will need a microphone and webcam or camera to create content.

   A camera is not required to create content but consult with your instructor on what type of content they require. Content can be video and audio, or audio only.

   You can record yourself, yourself with a computer or device’s screen, or voiceover with your computer or device’s screen.

2. Although a majority of campus computers have Panopto installed, not all of them are equipped with a microphone and webcam. We recommend installing Panopto on your personal computer.

    Most laptops, tablets, and smartphones have a microphone and webcam built in.

3. You can install Panopto on your computer by going to the Fredonia Panopto site. Then sign in with your eServices account and under your name. In the upper right-hand corner, click “Download Panopto”.

Big Blue Download Panopto Button

To install Panopto for mobile devices, visit the Google Play Store for Androids. For Apple Devices, go to the App Store.

NOTE: At this time, you will see two Panopto app under this search. Download ONLY the Panopto app labeled “Panopto NEW” Panopto Logo. DO NOT download the app labeled “Panopto (LEGACY)”.

4. Within the Panopto app, sign in to the Fredonia Panopto site.

   You can share your screen or a specific app, capture computer audio, or voice over a screen capture.
   Once you’re done recording and signed in to the app. Your recording will upload to the Fredonia Panopto site and your account.
   You can share from the app itself or visit the Fredonia Panopto site to see more settings including editing. 

   PLEASE NOTE: Processing times tend to be vary depending on the length of the recording and internet speed. Please anticipate ample time for the processing of content.

Panopto recording page.

5. Although not officially supported or widely used, you can create content on the Fredonia Panopto site using your browser. Under the Create button Create Button, select “Panopto Capture BETA”.

    Your browser will ask permission for your camera and microphone. The interface is very basic and settings are limited compared to the Panopto app.

Panopto recording software interface.

6. To edit content, open a recording. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the pencil icon Edit Button.

When editing a recording, you can trim audio and video. You can also add content from other sources, add captions to video, include a slideshow, and much more.

This can be applied to uploaded content as well with fewer features.

How to upload a video file made somewhere else:

  1. You can upload your own content to Panopto, either video or audio files.
  2. To upload content, log in to the Fredonia Panopto site with your eServices account.
  3. Under the Create button Create Button, select “Upload media” and select the folder you would like to upload to. 

   If you are sharing content to an instructor's folder, that particular folder will be listed under the drop-down menu.

   If you don’t see a folder you want to upload to, make sure you have permission to create a new one.

4. Once a folder has been selected, drag and drop or locate content on your computer.

PLEASE NOTE: Processing times tend to be vary depending on the length of the recording and internet speed. Please anticipate ample time for the processing of content.

How to view videos submitted by classmates:

  1. Copy and paste the link provided by your instructor. This link should be for a shareable folder that you and your classmates can upload and view content.
  2. As either a creator or viewer of this folder (determined by your instructor), you can view the content of others. Click on any of the recordings and a new tab will open to view or listen to the content.

NOTE: Once content is uploaded to a folder, all students included in share settings will be able to view ALL content.

We recommend sharing content privately with your instructor for approval. This should be done before uploading or sharing with them through Panopto. This can be done through Email or Google Drive.

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