Panopto Content Management for Faculty and Staff

NOTE: Students DO NOT need to install the Panopto application to submit or share content. Video or audio recordings created from other programs or devices can be uploaded to the Panopto site.

In Panopto, faculty and staff can create folders to have students share their content for collaboration.

How to create a folder to collect submissions from students:

  1. Log in to the Fredonia Panopto site using your eServices account:

2. You can create a new folder or use an existing folder in your "My Folder"

3. To create a folder, within your “My Folder” click on “Add folder”. You can enter the name in the textbox and hit Enter.

How to share the link to a folder for students to access and upload content:

  1. To share this folder with students, go into the desired folder.
  2. Click the Share icon in the upper right-hand corner under your name.
  3. The default share settings for a folder only allow specific users to view or create content within it. You can invite each individual student to create within this folder. We recommend this share setting for better privacy with different course folders.

    To add people or groups, you may need to stop inheriting permissions from the parent folder FIRST before adding people. The text box to do so will appear after changing this permission. Adding students can be done by email address (eServices) or name. Be sure to select “Creator” if you would students to be able to add recordings to this folder. Otherwise, add students as viewers, to only view your content. Multiple users can be added at once. An email will be sent to each user when added.
NOTE: If you cannot add a student using their email address then that student has NOT logged into the Fredonia Panopto site ( Please have those students log in to the site and once that has happened, you should be able to add their email address.

4. Make sure you copy the folder link at the bottom of the share settings sheet. You can paste the link in email or your OnCourse course.

We recommend sharing Panopto links through OnCourse courses as a central location for collaborating and sharing content with students rather than sharing content in multiple locations.

If you need help adding your Panopto link to your OnCourse course, please refer to the Answers page on adding links to OnCourse.

How to allow other students to view the videos uploaded:

  1. Inviting specific people to your folders to create allows them to also view the content in that folder.
  2. If you have specific students you want to only view content, invite those students but change the drop-down menu to select “Can view”.
  3. Those students can only view the content within the folder and do not have the ability to upload content.

NOTE: Once content is uploaded to a folder, all students included in share settings for that folder will be able to view ALL content.

We recommend instructing students to share content privately (through email or Google Drive) for approval before uploading or sharing with you through Panopto.