Panopto support provides documentation, instructional videos, training webinars, and online office hours.

Visit the Panopto website for information on how to use Panopto:

Panopto Community Support (for Documentation, Videos, Webinars, and Service Status)

Online Office Hours

Note: Online office hours are every Friday at 1 pm EST.

If you do not find the help you are looking for, please contact the ITS Service Center.

In order to use Panopto as a SUNY Fredonia service:

  1. Go to: Fredonia Panopto
  2. Sign in using the "Fredonia eServices" drop-down option 
  3. Click "Sign in"
  4. Enter your eServices Username and Password
  5. Click "Sign in"

You may access Panopto support while using Panopto. Under the Help menu, select "Online Help."

As of January 8th, 2022, Panopto has discontinued full support for Internet Explorer version 11. Please use other browsers like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox to access the Fredonia Panopto site as you will be prompted to do if you continue to access Panopto on IE 11.

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