Recording Audio or Video in FREDLearn

FREDLearn allows both students and instructors to record audio or video directly. This can be done in a discussion board, a quiz, a video assignment, anywhere an editing toolbar appears.


To start, enter the area where the video should be made. This could be a discussion post, a quiz answer, an Assignment, etc.

  1. In the editing toolbar find the “Insert Stuff” button. This button has four symbols on it, a triangle, pause, open circle, and a square.

  2. Press the “Insert Stuff” button and a pop up window will appear.

  3. Choose “Add Video Note” from the options.

  4. Choose Record Webcam

    1. If you are only recording audio, use the Audio toggle button at the bottom of the screen to turn the camera off.

  5. When ready, press the “New Recording” button

  6. When finished press the “Stop Recording” button

    1. Once the video processes, you can press play to review the recording

  7. If the recording is correct press the “Next” button

  8. Give the video a title, brief description, and select the language. If desired, checkmark “Autogenerate captions”

  9. Press the “Next” button. This will process the video

  10. To add the audio/video press the “Insert” button

The maximum record time for either audio or video is 30 minutes.