Changing your Email in FREDLearn

If you previously attend or worked at another SUNY campus, the email address in FREDLearn may be the former campuses email address. This will cause all emails from FREDLearn, including announcements to be delivered to your other campus' email address. The email address in FREDLearn can be updated to Fredonia.


How to check what email address is being used in FREDLearn

  1. In the top right-hand corner of FREDLearn click on your name

  2. Choose Notifications from the drop-down menu

  3. The email address being used is located under the Contact Methods/Email Address area

If the email address listed is not correct, follow the steps below to request a change.

  1. Go to the

  2. At the bottom of the page locate the “Contact Us” area and click the “Create A Support Request” button

  3. After the page loads click the “Submit a Help Ticket”

  4. On the new page click the “Request Service” button

  5. Fill out the following field

    1. In “Short Description” enter “Change campus in Brightspace”

    2. In the Description field include

      1. The former school's name

      2. The former school's email address

      3. Current School's Name: Fredonia

      4. Current School's Email address: This email address should be

  6. Choose Fredonia as your campus

  7. Include your First Name, Last Name and email address

  8. Verify you are not a robot and press Submit