Copying an Announcement Across Courses

After posting an announcement in one course, you can copy and publish the announcement in other courses where you are an instructor.


To copy an announcement from one course to another

  1. Access the course where the announcement has been written

  2. In the Announcement widget click the “Show All Announcements” link

  3. Choose the menu drop-down arrow next to the announcement’s title that you would like to copy

    CopyAnnouncement.png  Click drop down menu to the right of the announcement title then select Copy to Other Courses from the bottom of the pop up menu

  4. Choose Copy to Other Courses

  5. Checkmark the “Publish Announcement on Copy” checkbox. This setting will publish the announcement at the time of copying. If you do not want to publish the announcement, only copy it, do not checkmark this item. Not publishing will make the announcement a draft in the new location allowing you to edit or publish at a later date.

  6. Locate the course or courses you would like the announcement to be copied to.

    1. Be sure you are copying to the correct course and semester

  7. Press “Next”

  8. The next screen will show you where the announcement is going and allow you to make a final decision about publishing. If anything needs to change press the “Back” button

  9. When ready press “Copy”

You can customize the message using replacement strings. This can include the student’s name {FirstName}, the course name {OrgUnitName} as well as a variety of other details.

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A Copying Course Announcements video (3 min 25 sec) is available to help guide you through these steps.

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