Sending Announcements in FREDLearn

How do I send an announcement or information to all of the students in my course?

Step-by-step guide

Need a video to follow along? Use this video to guide you through Sending Announcements in FREDLearn.

  1. Log in to FREDLearn using the Logging on to FREDLearn directions in Answers.
  2. In the My Courses widget, navigate to your course and then your course homepage.
  3. Locate the Announcements widget on your course homepage.  Also notice the megaphone which symbolizes an announcement.Megaphone
  4. Press the Show All Announcements link.
  5. Press the New Announcement button to create a new announcement.  
    New Announcement

  6. Enter text into the "Headline" field and enter the announcement or information into the "Content" field.
  7. Under "Availability" enter a Start Date and an End Date. Check the box "Remove announcement based on End Date."  We recommend setting the End Date to the last day of the semester. This will ensure that your old announcements don't copy over to the next semester. 

 End Date

     8. When you're done configuring your announcement settings, scroll down and press Publish. This will send a copy of the announcement to student FREDMail accounts. To reply to the message, students will need to go into the course and send you an email via course mail.

To Edit an Existing Announcement

  1. Go inside the Announcements widget.
  2. Locate the announcement, press the drop down arrow, and click the "Edit" link.  
  3. Make the necessary changes and press the "Update" button.

  • The Announcements widget is one-way communication. The instructor can send outgoing messages, but a student cannot reply within the Announcements widget.
  • When an Announcement is posted, a copy of it goes to students' FREDMail accounts.  Students cannot reply to the copy of this announcement. To reply to the announcement, a student must send the instructor an email in FREDMail, or go into the course and send an email using the internal course mail.

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