Creating Sections in a FREDLearn Quiz

This documentation walks users through creating Sections in a FREDLearn Quiz, populating the Sections with questions, how to set up shuffling of questions within the Sections, and how to populate a Quiz with the Sections.


Creating a Section


  1. Navigate to the Question Library.

    Question Library
  2. Press the drop down arrow next to the word New. Select Section to create a new section.

  3. Create your Section. Give it a Title. If you wish to shuffle questions within this section, be sure to check the box for “Shuffle questions in this section.”  Press Save.

Hint: this option shuffles questions within the Section only.

  1. In your Question Library you’ll now see that “Shuffling is on” for your Section.



Populate your Section with your Questions


  1. Check the boxes next to the questions you wish to move into your desired Section.



  1. Press the Move link at the top of the page.


  1. On the next screen, select where you want your questions to go by pressing the name of the Section.


Populate your Quiz with your Sections


  1. Navigate to Course Activities, and select Quizzes.

  2. Select the Quiz you wish from the Quiz page, press the drop down arrow and choose Edit.


  3. Within the editing screen of your Quiz, press the Add Existing button and select Browse Question Library.


  4. Select the Section you wish to import into your Quiz by checking the box, and press the Import button.


  5. On the next screen you will see your imported Section. Press Save and Close when you are finished importing Sections.

Hint: Instead of shuffling questions within specific Sections, you can shuffle all Sections and Questions within a Quiz by navigating to the Timing & Display menu. Check the box next to Shuffle questions and sections within the quiz.

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