Replacement Strings in FREDLearn

This documentation walks users through using replacement strings within a course.

Replacement strings are words within curly braces that will be replaced by a new string based on the user that is logged into the course.

  • Ex: {Email} will be replaced by the email of the user logged into FREDLearn.

Below are some of the most useful replacement strings that can be used in FREDLearn, and some examples of how they can be applied in a course. There are more replacement strings than the ones discussed in this article. They can be found in this Full List of Replacement Strings.

  1. {FirstName} {LastName} - Replaced with the first name and last name of user logged in

  • Uses:

    • To make announcements more personal, begin them with “Hello {FirstName},” or similar

    • When creating instructions for assignments, discussions, or surveys, use {FirstName} {LastName} in order to make the questions more personal

    • In the course banner, select the three dots at the top right, then select Customize Banner Text

  • Then, in the search bar, type “Welcome to the Course, {FirstName}!” or something similar, then select save

  • {FirstName} will be replaced by the name of the user logged into the course

  1. {OrgUnitName} - Replaced with the name of the course

  • Uses:

    • Customizing the banner widget as seen above

      • Example: Welcome to {OrgUnitName}, {FirstName}!