Creating Group Discussions in FREDLearn

This documentation walks users through how to set up a group discussion in FREDLearn

Need more help? Watch this video guide on Creating Group Discussions in FREDLearn.


  1. To create Groups in FREDLearn, follow the documentation for Creating Groups in FREDLearn.

  2. You’ll notice that you have the opportunity to create a discussion area as part of the process of creating your Groups.

  3. If you have already created Groups but have not created a discussion area, follow the steps below.

Creating a Discussion Area and connecting it to your Groups

  1. Navigate to Course Activities and select Discussions.

    Discussions lives in the Course Activities drop down menu


2. Navigate to New and select Forum from the drop down menu.

From the New drop down menu select New Forum
  1. Configure your settings. Give the Forum a Title and if applicable, give it a Description.

  2. Press Save and Add Topic.

    Configure Forum settings. Give it a Title and Description, if applicable.
  3. The next screen brings you to the inside of the Topic to configure the Topic settings.

  4. Configure your Topic settings:

  • Title

  • Grade Out Of

  • Description

  • Start Date/End Date

Configure your Topic settings paying close attention to the Group and Section Restrictions


  1. On the right side of the screen press the Manage Restrictions link within the Group and Section Restrictions menu.

  2. On the next screen, Select Restrict topic and separate the threads.

  3. From the Group Category or Section drop down, select your Group Category.

  4. Press Add.

Select Restrict topic and separate the threads. From the drop down menu select the Group Category.
  1. Now you will see that you have restricted your Topic to selected groups.

Confirmation that you have selected your intended groups from the Group and Section Restrictions
  1. When you are finished configuring your settings in your Topic, press Save and Close.


Groups can be accessed from the Course Activities menu