Adding and Editing a Page in FREDLearn

How do I add or edit a Page in FREDLearn?

Step-by-step guide

Adding a Page

  1. Access the course the Page belongs in which you want to add a Page.

  2. Locate the module in which you wish to add a Page, and press the Upload/Create button, and click on Create a File (Web Page)

  3. The screen will refresh and bring you inside the settings of the Page where you will need to give it a title and add your content.


Complete the following fields:

  1. In the Name field, enter a title for the page (required). The name you enter will display as a link on your course page.

  2. Optionally, you can add a template. Press the dropdown menu to Select a Document Template.
  3. In the Content field enter the items for the page and format them as needed.
  4. Press Save and Close.

Edit an Existing Page

  1. Navigate to the Page you would like to edit, and press the drop down arrow.
  2. Click on Edit HTML (Web Page).  Edit HTML (Web Page)
  3. Edit the page and press Save and Close.


  • The Create a File (Web Page) tool can be used to present textual information to students in FREDLearn. For example, use the Create a File (Web Page) tool to create your syllabus.
  • The Create a File (Web Page) tool is the most accessible way to present textual information to students. Use it in place of any Word Doc or PDF.
  • The Create a File (Web Page) tool is the recommended tool to present Zoom meeting information to students. Copy and paste the Zoom invitation to the Create a File (Web Page) tool.

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