Hide or Show Course Elements in FREDLearn

How do you make FREDLearn elements hide or show to my students?

Step-by-step guide


A. Manually Show/Hide modules or content items

  1. Access the course in FREDLearn. Navigate to the item or module that will be edited to show/hide.  

    1. To view the entire course on a single screen, click the Table of Contents link in the module list on the Content tab.

      Add a module

  2. Press Bulk Edit.  

    Bulk Edit

  3. Locate the eye icon next to the module name or item to show/hide 

  4. Click the eye icon.

    1. If the item is already hidden you will see an eye with a line through it. If the item is showing, you will see an open eye.

  5. Press Done Editing when you are done making your changes.

B. Setting Date and Time Restrictions on Content

  1. Click on the drop down arrow next to your item or module’s title. Select Edit Properties in Place

  2. Click on Add dates and restrictions

  3. Set the Start Date and, optionally, an End Date for content availability. You can also set Release Conditions here. 

  4. When you're done editing, press the Update button.

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