Using Rubrics in FREDLearn

Follow this guide to learn how to create rubrics in FREDLearn.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to Course Tools, click on the drop down arrow and click on Rubrics

red arrow pointing to Rubrics link which can be found in the Course Tools menu

      2.  Press the New Rubric button.

red arrow pointing to the New Rubric button

    3.  Choose the type of rubric you wish to create: Holistic or Analytic. You can read more about these rubric types on the Vanderbilt University website.

drop down menu displaying the words Holistic and Analytic

4.  If you prefer to begin at Level 1, and not Level 4, you can reverse level order by pressing Reverse Level Order. 

Red arrow pointing to the Reverse Level Order button

5.  Create your Rubric. Begin by giving it a Name.

screenshot of a Rubric build in FREDLearn

Please note: there is no Save button. As you fill in your Rubric criterion, Levels and Points, it autosaves.

6. Scroll down and expand the Options menu. The default setting makes the Rubric visible to students. Add a Description for personal reference, if you wish.

Screenshot of Rubric options. The default setting makes the rubric available to students

7. When you're ready, scroll down and press the Close button. The screen refreshes and brings users to the Rubrics library. You should see your newly created Rubric listed, in alphabetical order.

Connecting Your Rubric to an Assignment

  1. Navigate to Course Activities and choose Assignments from the drop down menu.

You can find the Assignments link within the Course Activities drop down menu

2.   Users can create a New Assignment, or go into the settings of an existing Assignment by clicking the Edit Assignment link.

Users can create a New Assignment or go into the settings of an existing Assignment

3. Within the settings of the Assignment, expand the Evaluation & Feedback menu. Then click on the dropdown menu for Add Rubric. Choose Add Existing to attach your Rubric, if your Rubric already exists.

Within the settings of the Assignment, navigate to the evaluation menu and press add rubric

4. Check the box next to the Rubric you want to attach, and press Add Selected.

check the box to the left of the Rubric you want to select, and press the Add Selected button

5. If your Rubric is attached, you should see it under Rubrics, within the settings of your Assignment. When you are finished configuring your settings, press the Save and Close button.

Users should see their Rubric attached under Rubrics within the settings of the Assignment. Press Save and Close when ready.

Grading with a Rubric

  1. Navigate to the My Performance tab, press the drop down menu and select Quick Eval.

From the My Performance drop down menu and select Quick Eval.

     2.  Select the Assignment you want to grade. Hover over the word Completed with your mouse, and it will change to Evaluate All. Press Evaluate All.

Choose the Assignment you wish to evaluate on the Quick Eval page

  3. Within the submission, press the name of the Rubric to expand it. The Rubric will display. Click on the Levels under each Criteria, to grade using the Rubric.

Rubric displayed within a student submission

4. When you are ready, press either Publish or Save Draft. Save Draft allows you to save the grades as a draft and publish at a later date and time.

When you are done grading, press Publish or Save Draft


For an additional rubric resource,  please see the video Easily Create and use Rubrics Tool in Brightspace.

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