Copying Course Content in FREDLearn

All course content can be copied from one semester to another, or from one course section to another. This import does not include past student enrollment or any submissions made to the original course. The import will create a clean version of the course.


  1. Log in to FREDLearn at

  2. Access the empty course shell. This is the course the content will be copied into.

  3. In the top blue toolbar click the Course Tools menu

  4. From the Course Tools menu choose Course Admin

  5. Under the Site Resources section choose Import/Export/Copy Components

  6. Under the title What would you like to do? Select Copy Components from another Org Unit

    1. Under Course to Copy: press the Search for Offering button

    2. A new window will open, enter the course name for the course shell containing the content.

      1. Enter the name as the Subject and Number, example MATH110. If you would like to narrow down the search you can enter in the year and semester abbreviation, example 2023FA

        1. Semester abbreviations are Fall = FA, Spring = SP, Summer = SU, JTerm = WI

      2. Select the course that contains the content to be copied and press the Add Selected button

      3. Press the Select Components button.

        Press Select Components to choose the content items you wish to copy over
      4. On the Choose Components to Copy page, check the box for Select All Components and then uncheck the box for Announcements. This avoids sending the previous semester’s Announcements (a copy of which appears in students' email) to any students enrolled in the destination course.

        select all components to select all the content
  7. Click Continue and Finish.

  8. You can wait and watch the progress bar until the copy is completed, or navigate away to work on other courses while the copy completes.

Once the content is available you can bulk edit start and end dates using the Manage Dates tool.