Participant Expectations

What are some guidelines I should follow as a participant in a Zoom Meeting (or other virtual setting)?

  1. Be on time - Sign on a few minutes before the session starts
  2. Be in a quiet place - Check your surroundings for audio/visual distractions
  3. Be prepared - Is your computer charged? Is your camera on? Use headphones when possible.
  4. Visual presentation - Wear appropriate clothing. Be in camera view. Be aware of camera angle and lighting. 
  5. Mute yourself - Keep your microphone muted while others are speaking
  6. Participate - Be focused. Be attentive. Be an active participant. Use raise hand function if you have a question.
  7. Chat responsibly - Type your questions in chat. Remember that even private chats are recorded in the chat log.
  8. Communication - Speak clearly. Look at the camera when speaking. Stay on topic.
  9. Be respectful - Be kind. Be considerate. 

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