Editing Captions in Zoom Cloud Recordings

How do I edit the captions in my Zoom recording?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Sign into Zoom
  2. In the left navigation bar select Recordings
    screenshot of the zoom interface left navigation bar
  3. Select the recording you wish to edit
  4. Click the play icon
    A red arrow pointing at the Play Icon for a video.
  5. You will see your video playing and the audio transcription on the right-hand side
  6. Turn subtitles on in your video by clicking the CC icon on the video player
  7. Click in the audio transcript to make any needed corrections
    Audio Transcript with editable captions.
  8. Make sure to click Save to save your changes
    Audio Transcript with a blue save button in the bottom right corner.
  9. After you click Save you will see the alert "Transcript text has been updated."
    screenshot of the zoom interface indicating that the transcription has been successfully updated