How to Change Your Display Name

Please note that the users should consider using the Chosen Name process to address other systems and applications used throughout Fredonia.

If your users are participants in a meeting, renaming is self-dependent on the host of the meeting if he/she allows that. If not, the meeting will show the Display name used by the user on their Zoom Profile. Your users just have to make sure that they are the ones who are logged in to their Zoom app and Zoom web portal for your Display Name to be used.

To change your display name in Zoom:

  1. Go to the Fredonia Zoom site and log in if you have not done so already.

  2. In the Zoom site, go to “Profile” on the left, if you are not directed to that page.

  3. Next to your name at the top, select “Edit” on the right.

  4. Under Display Name, enter your desired name. Make sure this name identifies you AND is appropriate for academics, meetings, and events.

NOTE: This display name will appear in every meeting you join after the change and CANNOT be changed DURING a meeting unless the meeting host allows users to change their name when joining a meeting or allows participants to rename themselves. Otherwise, you will need to change your display name as outlined in this article.

Display name is entered.

You can also add your pronouns and select how pronouns are shared for every meeting, certain meetings, or not during meetings.

5. Select “Save”.

6. Your new display name will now appear in every Zoom meeting. You must be logged in to the Zoom client for your Zoom profile display name to appear. Otherwise, your display name will vary from meeting to meeting as a guest (logged out) participant.