Creating Accessible Emails in Google Mail


Section 1.1: Images

Be careful of using images in email as the sole means of conveying information. If you use an image, be sure to use alternative text to convey the information found in the image. Google Mail now has a built in mechanism to add alternative text to an image. You can add alt text by following these steps:

  1. Add your image to your email

    Gmail example with a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  2. Select the image

    An image of the Golden Gate Bridge selected.
  3. Select “Edit Alt Text” directly below the image

  4. Enter the descriptive text and click Apply

When creating links, you want to avoid using phrases like “Click Here” or “this link”. This will confuse readers and they wont know where the link is. Instead, use descriptive text or phrases.

Section 1.3: Text and background

Google Mail has four text sizes, Small, Normal, Large, and Huge. Avoid using Small as that can be difficult to read. It is a good idea to use the default black text on a white background. You can also use other colors, as long as they give a high contrast ratio and are easily readable. Use bold or underline text to denote emphasis rather than using different color text.

Section 1.4: Formatting an email signature block to be accessible

To format your email signature so that it remains accessible, please go to EMAIL: How to format your email.