Accessibility Features in Microsoft Teams


Section 1.1: High Contrast Mode

This feature gives the software a darker background and brighter text. This makes the color contrast ratio higher and thus easier for people to read.

  1. Click your profile picture at the top of the app, then select Manage Account.

    Profile Picture.png
  2. The Settings Tab will open. Go to the General Tab and go to the Theme section. Once there, click High Contrast. You can also click Dark or Default theme.

    The Microsoft Teams Settings Menu with the General Tab open.

Section 1.2: Closed Captions

Captions are very helpful for people who are deaf or cannot hear well. In addition, captions can help anyone in loud places where it is hard to hear one voice over many different people. Microsoft Teams has the ability to provide real time captions for meetings and calls through the software. In addition, Microsoft Teams Live Captions can translate dozens of languages with accuracy.

How to use Live Captions in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Microsoft Teams Language Interpretation Guide

Live translated captions for Microsoft Teams

Section 1.3: Immersive Reader

Microsoft Teams provides a special tool called Immersive Reader. This tool is very helpful for readings posts, chat messages, or assignments. When reading a message, Immersive Reader can use grammar tools to break up the content. In addition, it can color the words in different colors so readers can learn differences between nouns and verbs. The software can also teach you how to pronounce a word and how to use it in a specific context. This is really helpful for people who do not speak much English.

How to use the Immersive Reader

Section 1.4: Customizable Alerts

Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to create and customize your own alerts.

How To Make Your Own Alerts

Section 1.5: Screen Reader Support

Microsoft Teams is compatible with Screen Reader programs like NVDA, JAWS, and Microsoft’s Narrator.

Quick Start Guide: Using Microsoft Teams with a Screen Reader - Microsoft Support

Section 1.6: Zoom In and Out

Zooming In and Out can be beneficial to readers with low vision. This feature will give you the ability to make text or content appear bigger or smaller.

  1. Press the Control Key on PC or Command Key on a Mac and then click plus or minus.

Section 1.7: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support