macOS Transition - Standard Software Updates

  • Microsoft Defender (virus/malware protection)

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Office

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Pharos Print Scout

  • VLC Media Player

  • Zoom

The following is the list of software that the campus is currently patching:

  • 1Password

  • Audacity

  • Bare Bones BBEdit

  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

  • GNU Emacs

  • Google Chrome

  • Google Drive

  • iLok License Manager

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft OneNote

  • Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Microsoft Word

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR

  • MuseScore

  • Slack

  • VLC Media Player

  • WACOM Tablet Driver

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Zotero

Additionally, Apple apps that are deployed centrally from the App Store will also stay fully up to date:

  • GarageBand

  • iMovie

  • Keynote

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Numbers

  • Pages

As with the OS itself, staying up to date with browsers and other pieces of software assists with minimizing security risks on campus owned Mac computers. To facilitate this, where possible, the software is configured to automatically update itself, particularly the browsers. In other cases, Jamf (our Mac management platform) has the ability to manage updates for a variety of software.

Patch Management will make use of an application called Self Service. This app can be found in your Applications folder and is branded with the Fredonia logo. This app will allow for you to update the patchable software without admin credentials. You will receive a notification that there is an update available and clicking on the notification will launch the Self Service app. If you do not update the software within 7 days, you will be prompted to quit the software or it will be closed within 60 minutes. Outside of extremely high risk exploits, patches will be released to the campus towards the end of the day Friday.