Drupal: The Editor Toolbar

Here are some of the tools you will need to know to use Drupal to edit basic content.

Use the left-most menu to change the style of the selected text to Headings or reset it back to Normal Paragraph style

Styles menu

Use these to further stylize the text




 Remove any special formatting from text

Create lists, as numbered (left) or bulleted (right)

Decrease or increase indent of items in a list

Buttons for undo (left) and redo (right) actions

Use this to cut text from the page

 Use this to temporarily copy text

Use these to paste text into the page

General paste

 Use this to paste any text as plain text

Use this to paste text that retains any formatting from Microsoft Word

Insert an image

 Add a video from YouTube or Vimeo in the page

  Embed a Reusable Block

Create a link to another Drupal page or an external website

 Link or upload a file

 Break a link

Use this to create a table (use only for data, not page formatting)

Create a horizontal line within the page

Insert special characters

Subscript / Subscript

Use this to create an prominent pull quote (Block Quote) in the page

Use this to switch between plain text and HTML code