Drupal: Editing Degree Maps

Degree Maps in Drupal:

All Degree Maps: 

www.fredonia.edu/degree-maps-list (only accessible to logged in Drupal Web Publishers with appropriate permission).

Example Degree Maps for Testing:


Add a Footnote to the Degree Map:

Open Footer to add a Footnote or to disable Footer CTAs (Calls to Action) which appear in a large blue block with Apply, Visit, etc, at the bottom of the page).

Add a blank line in a Courses block:

When you set Credits: 0.
A. If course info is present with 0 Credits, the 0 and the Course info appears (left).
B. If both course info fields are left blank with 0 Credits, then the entire line becomes a blank spacer (right).

Blank course link in the Drupal Editor:

Output looks like: