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The following guidelines are provided which identify specific items which must be addressed before publishing content on any web site. Use of the web site by web authors and visitors is governed by the campus policy at

The contents of all web pages must include the following items:

  • A link back to the Fredonia home page
  • Only official Fredonia logos may be used. See
  • When referencing the name of the university, the use of either name below is acceptable:
    The State University of New York at Fredonia
    State University of New York at Fredonia
  • In an effort to avoid unnecessary duplication of information, any reference to requirements for degree programs, degree options or course descriptions/offerings on web pages should be linked directly to the respective academic affairs area instead of recreating this information on your own individual web page. See
  • Check the academic programs web page to locate the appropriate URL address to link specific information for your degree program at:
  • Course Descriptions:
  • Course Search:
  • All web pages should be developed using valid HTML 4.01, XHTML, or HTML 5. For specific information on what constitutes valid HTML, check the W3C's (World Wide Web Consortium) web page at:
  • Every web page must also be validated. W3C's offers a free online HTML Validation Service that checks HTML documents for conformance to HTML standards ( Other types of validators (e.g., Cascading Style Sheets) are also available at W3C's web page.
  • Every web page must at least meet the minimum web content accessibility guideline requirements which can be checked by using WebXACT. Specifically, each web page must pass checks for handicapped compliancy as outlined in Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act ( and mandated by the New York State Office for Technology policy: “Accessibility of Web-Based Information and Applications, NYS-P08-005”:
  • Avoid including items that need to be maintained frequently on your web pages unless there is someone in your office who is able to update and maintain these pages on a regular basis. Based on past experience, the more maintenance and updates required for a page, the higher the likelihood that this page will fall out of date.

News & PR

If you have any news or announcements that you would like communicated, submit them using the Marketing and Communications Services Portal

Degree and Program Changes

Submit all degree program requirement changes immediately to the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs so that these updates can be implemented on any relevant academic affairs web pages.

Any web pages that incorporate specific information for alumni should include links to the Alumni Portal:


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