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PurposeThe need to generate private funds to preserve and enhance Fredonia’s excellence is critical. Coordination is essential to maximize the effectiveness of fundraising efforts and to avoid excessive duplication of solicitations in the name of the college. Responsibility for coordinating all fundraising programs and solicitations of private support from individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations and organizations rests with the Office of Development under the auspices of the President.
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Policy StatementSolicitation of private contributions and gifts in kind made by anyone for the benefit of the State University of New York College at Fredonia or any agency thereof shall require the prior approval of the President through the Vice President for University Advancement.
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Requests to undertake a fundraising program or to solicit contributions shall be submitted to the Development Office. They shall require approval by the appropriate department, Dean, or Vice President before being submitted to the Vice President for Development and the College President before any action is taken. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the College are invited to review their ideas and plans with the Vice President for Development and College Relations prior to submission.


The Fredonia College Foundation, Inc., the College’s campus-related foundation, serves as the primary fundraising agent for the College and as a repository for all gifts to benefit the College. The Foundation accepts gifts of cash, land, securities, bequests, annuities, remainder trusts, retirement plan assets, properties and insurance from individuals and organizations which support priority needs.


The Fredonia Fund, under the auspices of the Fredonia College Foundation, is a yearly appeal to alumni, friends, faculty and staff, parents and businesses, corporations and organizations. Contributions to the Fredonia Fund support priority needs of the College.


Gifts in kind shall be reviewed by the Development Office in conjunction with the College unit designated to receive the gift before being accepted by the Foundation. If a gift involves a commitment on the part of the College, the Vice President for Finance and the College President will also be consulted. Art objects, equipment, real estate, books, etc. will be reviewed carefully to ensure that acceptance will not involve financial commitments in excess of budgeted items or other obligations disproportionate to the usefulness of the gift. Consideration will be given to the cost of maintenance, cataloging, delivery, insurance, display, and space requirements for exhibition or storage.

When gifts in kind are given to the College with the intent of the donor to receive a tax deduction, it shall be the responsibility of the donor and a requirement of the IRS that the donor, not the College, obtain an independent appraisal of the gift for tax purposes. Neither the College nor the Fredonia College Foundation shall become involved in the appraisal process.

All gifts in kind donated to the Fredonia College Foundation will either be transferred to or inventoried by the College or remain the property of the Foundation.


Acceptance of a gift imposes a legal obligation to comply with the terms established by the donor. It is necessary, therefore, that the nature and extent of this obligation be clearly understood. The terms of each restricted gift will be reviewed with the care to ensure that they do not hamper the usefulness and desirability of the gift. If a gift is deemed unacceptable because of the restrictions the donor has placed on its use, the donor will be counseled to remove or modify the restrictions. Gifts will be refused or returned when the purpose (1) is inappropriate or not conducive to the best interest of the College, (2) is clearly a commercial endeavor, or (3) would obligate the College to undertake responsibilities, financial or otherwise, which it may not be capable of meeting for the period required by the terms of the gift.


It shall be the responsibility of the Development Office to officially record receipt of gifts made to the College or any agency thereof through the Fredonia College Foundation, including cash pledges, securities, real estate and other gifts in kind. Major financial gifts and gifts in kind shall be acknowledged by the President of the College as well as the Foundation. The Development Office will compile official records on all private gifts and maintain prospect and resource files for development purposes.


The Development Office and the Office of Media Relations shall coordinate all public statements regarding gifts to the College before such statements are released.


College-related organizations intending to raise money independent of the Fredonia College Foundation are required to obtain approval of fundraising proposals and related promotional materials from the Development Office prior to any fundraising effort. Approval will be granted according to the following criteria:

  1. The organization is a recognized College activity or is part of the College operations at the administrative office or departmental level.

  2. The project to be funded is in itself an outgrowth of the educational mission of the College and its successful undertaking is deemed to assist the College in fulfilling its mission.

  3. The project to be funded cannot be supported in any manner except by the solicitation of funds.

  4. The fundraising measures proposed do not interfere with or detract fromother development activities on a college-wide basis.

  5. The fundraising project proposed does not interfere with or compete with other established College fundraising activities already in place.

  6. The fundraising project proposed does not reflect negatively in any way on the public perception of the College.


Fundraising by student organizations will be coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs.


In considering the use of campus mailing lists and computer-generated labels for fundraising, organizations requesting such service are required to submit advance copies of fundraising material intended to be disseminated to the Development Office before approval can be granted. Jurisdiction of campus mailing lists is assigned accordingly:

Students — Student Affairs
Faculty — Academic Affairs
Staff — Human Resources
Emeriti — President’s Office
Alumni — Alumni Affairs

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