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All student organization fundraisers must be approved by a Campus Life staff member and the Campus Life Fundraiser Permit form completed by a member of the student organizations. The signature of the group’s advisor is also required.

Fundraisers advertisements are permitted only after the necessary forms are completed and approval is granted by a Campus Life representative.

On-campus fundraisers will take place Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Fundraiser tables are available in McEwen Hall and the Williams Center during these days and during the hours previously stated. Permission to use the University Commons Lobby, outside of the FSA Bookstore, will be granted by Katie Thies of FSA. The Fundraising permit form must still be completed and approved by Campus Life.

All fundraisers are to be legal (and in keeping with the mission of SUNY Fredonia?). Fundraisers that promote bar crawls or other alcohol related events will not be permitted.

Student Organizations are entitled to three consecutive days for each fundraiser. (Limit number per semester?)

In order to collect funds, student organizations must secure a cash box from the SUNY Fredonia Ticket Office. The Ticket Office requires a minimum of one week notice to reserve a cashbox. The cashbox and funds must be returned to the ticket office at the end of the sale. The SUNY Fredonia Ticket Office will issue a check for the total amount of the fundraiser, minus the startup money that was issued in the cash box, to the Student Association for deposit into the student organization’s financial

Use of Social Media to collect Funds: To use social media for fundraiser, please consult with a member of the Campus Life Office for assistance in establishing a Marketplace Store Front. The Marketplace Store Front is managed by SUNY Fredonia and all funds collected will be deposited in the group’s Student Association account. The use of websites such as “GOFUNDME” is not permitted. The downside of using these sites is evident: the person responsible for setting up the account will be required to pay IRS taxes on the amount of income collected.


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