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Lost and Found:

The Campus Life Staff is not responsible for lost items. Every attempt possible will be made to return lost items to an owner if proper identification can be determined.

Items of value such as phones, wallets, and electronic devices will be turned over to University Police in Gregory Hall if not claimed within 24 hours.

Other Lost and Found items such as:

  • Fredonia Ids: Campus Life will email you and ask you to claim your card in the Campus Life Office. If not claimed within 24 hours, the card will be sent to FSA

  • Residence Hall keys will be returned to the Residence Life Office in Gregory Hall.

Clothing, books, and other items will be logged and stored in our Lost and Found cabinets for the remainder of the semester and then donated to charity if not claimed.

Items such as mugs, water bottles, retainers, or mouth guards, and other personal hygiene items considered unclean WILL NOT be kept and properly disposed of.

Anyone wishing to file a report regarding a lost item is welcome to do so at the Campus Life Office during normal business hours.


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