Recognition and Memorial Tree Program


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Recognition and Memorial Tree Program

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The Fredonia tree program provides the opportunity for individuals or groups to create a living memorial.  The gift of a tree to the campus supports the campus sustainability mission, helps the environment and provides a lasting and thoughtful way to commemorate or honor a student, faculty, staff or community member.

To preserve campus beauty and quality, the following guidelines have been established for recognition plantings:

  1. General site locations can be designated by the donor.  Facilities Services will specify the exact location of the tree based on site characteristics.
  2. The species of tree must be approved by the Director of Facilities Services.
  3. The tree will be planted by the Facilities Services Grounds and Landscaping Unit.
  4. Trees shall be purchased by the donor(s).
  5. Facilities Service will coordinate installation of all donor plaques.
  6. The donor(s) will purchase a plaque after prior approval by the Director of Facilities Services.
  7. Donor plaques will remain on the tree until the tree dies or is removed.
  8. Fredonia cannot provide assurance of survival for a recognition tree. The Facilities Services Grounds and Landscaping Unit will provide proper care and maintenance.

Note:  The donation of a tree and/or plaque will not be recognized as a charitable gift.



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